New Wave Dilla


To be honest, I’ve never heard Common’s “Electric Circus” album. It’s infamously known as his worst (still? sorry Common) but all i ever knew from it were a handful of tracks. In retrospect, I’m kind of interested in hearing it because its (sadly) probably the closest example of J Dilla getting all Electro widit. So amongst the few tracks I know, the chorus to “New Wave” always struck me as something great. Its sung by the girl from Stereolab (the group responsible for the sample Dilla flipped for Busta’s “Show Me What You Got”) and the Dilla groupie in me likes to think both the hook and the casting was his idea. Regardless, Common’s raps, by this point in his career, had lost their edge and on this track in particular he’s totally out of place. So I took it upon myself to cut the dead weight and let the hook roam free!

Play: Common – New Wave (Its Overture Edit)

Download: Common – New Wave (Its Overture Edit)

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