Why Can’t We Be Blends? (Part One)


As painfully self-important sounding as they are, I’m going to attempt the mini-bio, but only because it plays into an explanation of this mix I’m posting. so bear with me:

I got my first pair of turntables in 1997. They were those cheap back-of-The-Source-mag belt drives (i.e not conducive to “turntablism”) so I gravitated towards the Ron G-Kid Capri-Dirty Harry style of putting blends together early on. eventually i graduated to technics, got my “doubles” game on and all that, but never quite had the coordination to be a wannabe X-Executioner (r.i.p roc raida). So I stuck with the blend-heavy format, which years later, culminated in this mix A Perfect Blend

Around the time I was finishing that up, I met Macabee, who had an even crazier collection of records than I, and a few weeks later we put together our first little collabo mix: 12 Minute Madness. We were happy about it, we chose the name Its Overture, and we’ve been rolling with it ever since.

Soon after that first mix, the term, the scene, the fun and the mess of the “mashup” came into being.  Needless to say, there was a binge, there was a purge and now many-a-wise-dj-culture commentators would agree that the mashup is dead. and as far as putting random black album acapellas over any old classic rock loop, I wholeheartedly, and with extreme pleasure, agree.

Despite that, neither Macabee nor I have strayed from our early proclivity for making blends. The acapella-over-instrumental formula alone doesnt always suffice but between that, long mixes, the wonders of ableton and the impatience of simply playing songs, the blend is a part of DJing that I cant ignore. As such, there are a handful that I find release-worthy, and this mix contains 5 of them. To combat the inevitable “mashup mix” branding, we took it upon ourselves to name the following series of mixes the defiant, albeit corny, title “Why Can’t We Be Blends”. They’re each going to run about 15 minutes a peice and we’re aiming to put together at least 3 or 4 for now but who knows. So without further disclaiming, I present to you “Why Can’t We Be Blends Part 1″.

Why Can’t We Be Blends Part 1 (Mediafire link)

1. Shoulda Let You Go (Eli Escobar Remix) – Keyshia Cole (+) Changes (Larry Levan Mix) – Imagination
2. Set It Off – Strafe (+) Part 1 – LCD Soundsystem
3. Do It To The Music – Raw Silk (+) Nasty – JR FLO (remix of Nas’ “Memory Lane”)
4. On A Day Like Today (Todd Terje Edit) – Gichy Dan (+) Declaration Instrumental – De La Soul
5. Saturday Love – Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal (+) Wanting Love (Romeo Erotic Remix) – Starpoint

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