I know I can speak for Macabee (for those still getting acquainted, the other half of Its Overture, myself being RiVerse) when I say that the highest priority of this blog is to focus on things we love.  At the same time, to fully represent how and what we spin, we can’t ignore an often necessary element of DJing: playing straight up pop music.

The epitome of such necessities is the wedding.  Weddings are the kind of DJ jobs where you become the most selfless (if you’re doing your job right) and REEEALLLY exemplify the “DJ as humble servant” role, rather than the artist or tastemaker role that most of us like to fancy ourselves as.  But since we can’t, in good conscience, phone it in when we spin such events, we often do edits of said pop songs to make them more mix friendly, more concise, less corny, etc.

So to share the functionality with our fellow working class DJs, we’ll be posting some of these edits from time to time. Here are three for starters……

Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy (Its Overture Edit)
INXS – Need You Tonight (Its Overture Edit)
EMF – Unbelievable (Its Overture Edit)

Now to be clear, many of these more pop-friendly songs that I’m speaking of can also be favorites of ours. The distinction is that in contrast to the aim of most posts on this site, we’re well aware that we’re not “putting you on” to the under appreciated merits of INXS’ biggest hit…….

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