As you can tell from the above flyer, Macabee and I are spinning at Fontana’s this Saturday with the inimitable Voidstar. The aim is to play all types of crazy, bass-centric fire (hence the title).

Over the past few weeks we’ve put out some mixes to help promote and prepare for the gig, starting with Macabee’s The Scrubstep Mix (which set the bar pretty high) and continuing with two(!!) nasty “Base”-related mixes from Voidstar.

So to close it out, I put together this short (as in under 8 minute) mix combining the genre I’m most familiar with (hip hop) with one that I was probably the least familiar with (drum and bass). But with the help of my aforementioned counterparts, I’ve been steadily receiving a crash course in the best of Drum and Bass and all its correlating sub-genres. Recognizing the long standing link between itself and rap, I grabbed a bunch of New York anthems, made some remixes and blends and came up with this mix……

5 Boro Bass Mix by Its Overture

1. New York State Of Mind (Its Overture’s DnB Edit) – Nas (+) Mr Majestik (drums) – Calibre & High Contrast
2. Liquid Swords – Gza (+) Tough At The Top (drums) – EZ Rollers
3. Bucktown – Smif-N-Wessun (+) Tough At The Top (drums, bass) – EZ Rollers
4. Vital Nerve (Its Overture’s DnB Edit) – Company Flow (+) Railing (drums) – Roni Size
5. Takeover instrumental – Jay-Z/Kanye West (+) Overload – Future Cut

…if you download all 4 of our mixes you’ll have a sense of about 50% of what will be going down on Saturday… come out to hear the rest!!!

The Scrubstep Mix by Its Overture

Base!!! Mix by Voidstar

Eat Drums Mix by Voidstar

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